Bye Bye Bens Bun and Beard The Kids' Cancer Project
Bye Bye Bens Bun and Beard
The Kids' Cancer Project
Bye Bye Bens Bun and Beard
Bye Bye Bens Bun and Beard

My Story

Hi All!

I am Ben, not a self-confessed hipster, however, I do have a shoulder length hair in a 'Man-bun' and a full beard. Both of which have traversed the globe with me and protected me from the elements.

The aim of this is to one; to raise awareness of childhood cancer (Which is different to adult cancer and the leading cause of death from disease in Australian children) and two; to offer you a unique and fun way of donating to this cause.

Whether you decide to donate, raising awareness of a cause promotes the cause, which inevitably increases the donations and grants that are accessible by the cause. In case you were unaware this month is children’s cancer awareness month and the Park St office has an afternoon tea with the Kids’ Cancer Project on the 27th of September.

So down to the crux of it; I have had a beard and ‘Man Bun’ for about 4 years now, this is part due to extensively travelling and volunteering, part being cheap to self-cut and part it being the equivalent of make-up. I am raffling off (if you are in Park St on the 27th at approx 3pm) a chance to be able to shave my head or beard (they are both simultaneously being raffled) or make a straight donation.

I will also be applying to the QBE Foundation for employee matching up to $5000 AUD, so if I can raise as close to this as possible that would be great.

Whether you want to make a straight up donation,are fed up or confused about all these hipstery looking people walking around, want vengeance for millennials raising the price of ‘Smashed’ Avos on toast, are thinking of changing careers to becomes a sheep shearer or simply raise awareness for a cause that is close to the heart of many, then I implore you to get on-board with something that has a real impact on many young lives.

Plus, you will get to see a pretty epic beard tan line! I may need a pint after, I will be sure to bring my ID as I will most certainly need it afterwards.

Looks like I am continuing with the free haircuts!

Please share this, donate or raise awareness.

I will post up pictures on my instagram: Storytimewithben

Now for the final week of ridiculous hairstyles.

HIT up that donate now button! *Note: if you have problems donating try the mobile site!

Thanks for your time.


Thank You

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